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Skin Whitening injections in Pakistan

Skin whitening injections in Lahore Pakistan, now  at affordable price. Whitening pills, fairness creams are also available at cheap cost. Fairness injections are  combined with Vitamin C injection to give glow to skin, We use imported fairness injections from Germany. Main ingredient is injection Glutathione. These injections are safe in trained hand. Complications can occurs following treatments from quacks & beauticians.


Skin Whitening Injections cost in Pakistan

Skin Whitening injection cost in Lahore, Pakistan  ranges from 3000 to 7500 rupees depending on dose of injection glutathione. Its cost may also be included with vitamin C injections especially in high dose injections.
Dose of whitening  injections & cost,
low dose injection Glutathione 600 mg cost ranges from 3000 to 3500 rupees.
Average dose 1200 mg around 4500 to 5000 rupees.
High dose 1500 mg  around 5500 to 7500.
and 3000 mg may be made available as well.
skin whitening injections price increases with dose of injections. Increase dose results in early effects.
injection vitamin C to improve quality of skin is given along with injection glutathione free of cost.
Capsule Glutathione or skin whitening pills are also available at discounted prices.
To get these injections & treatment, click fairness injections.
Skin whitening injections in Lahore
Skin whitening injections cost *


Injection Glutathione is antioxidant which has melanin suppressive effect leading to skin fairness in few months.Although exact mechanism is still unclear. Injection Glutathione is also used for treatment of various diseases.

Whitening Pills/ Fairness creams

Skin whitening pills (Glutathione capsules ) Are also given along with skin Whitening injections.
Skin whitening fairness creams  are also available.

Treatment course

These injection are given slowly through intravenous route. Results start showing after 4 to 6 weeks of use which stay for considerable period of time.  Once weekly injections are given for 3 months.
For mantainence one injection glutathione after every 3 months or glutathione pills can be used.1-cream-11

Side Effects Of Skin Whitening Injections

These injection should always be administered by trained doctor. Never try these injection from beauty salons or beauticians to avoid serious side effects. Side Effects from careless injections can lead to.
  • Serious allergic reaction all over the body.
  • Risk of infection at site of injection due to  untrained beauticians.
  • Risk of Hepatitis B & C due to contamination.
  • can lead to liver & kidney damage after long term use.

Fairness injections technique

In our Hospital skin whitening injections are given by Trained Plastic & cosmetic  Surgeon.
Taking care to avoid infection & allergy.

Whitening injections before & after