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Increase Breast Size Naturally

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Breast is the human body organ that vital for women’s beauty. It’s the beauty that requires permanent care same as face, hand and feet. The attractive and charming figure increase personality of the women. Poor diets, wearing tight undergarment, Hormonal imbalance i.e low level of estrogen, Genetics and weigh loss medication prevent increase in the breast size. Breast size increases with age. Breast size increases with exercises and proper care. Here we are sharing breast caring tips.

How to Increase breast Size with exercise:

Breast size can be increase by exercise. When we talk about natural breast size increase it means breast size increase only by exercise.

Breast size increase Exercise No 1:

For breast enlargement, The simple and easy exercise that every girl/women can do in home is the pushing the wall from the distance of one and half feet. Step near wall and push the wall with both hands by maintaining the distance of one feet. Push the wall and reduce the distance from one and half feet to one feet. Perform this exercise twice a day.

Breast Size Increase Exercise No 2:

The second simple breast size increase exercise is the “Hug the Pillar”. Step near the square pillar. The pillar should be square. The square pillar will help you to hug. You will expand your arms and hug the pillar accordingly in a way you hug someone. This exercise can be done two to three times in the day. You will get results in a month or two.

How to Increase breast Size with Massage:

The “Go Go” massage is used for the increasing breast size naturally. The “Go Go” massage technique is hidden in the word “G”. The massage starts from the top of the breast and make a circular G on the breast. Use Honey or Olive oil or both mixed. Never prolong massage from 30 minutes. If you use sesame seeds oil it would be best. The sesame seeds oil increase blood circulation of the breast tissues and increase breast size.

How to Increase breast Size with Food:

  • Nature has blessed us some “Jari Boti”/Vegetables and some natural powders that are helpful for increasing breast size.
  • Fenugreek (Methi In Urdu) has major role in the breast size increase. Fenugreek stimulates estrogen and prolactin production to increase breast size. The both harmone are necessary for breast size increase.
  • Red clover (SurKh Long) contains Genistein that increase breast size. To increase breast size with food, take 15 Red clover flowers, dry them up. Make a powder of it. Put one teaspoon in the glass of water and use for one month. You will see different in the breast size.
  • Nuts of any type like peanuts, cashews and pistachios are estrogen rich food that is very helpful in the estrogen production resulting in the breast size increase.
  • Milk, Bananas and Chicken are also helpful in breast size increase.

Increase breast Size with Action Cream:

The breast enlargement creams contains natural serums and effective herbal essence that help you to increase your breast size naturally.
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