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For a more radiant, noticeably healthy skin and a younger looking you. Get your money’s worth. 100% Safe and effective. All natural. Halal Certified. No toxic Chemicals.
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Skin Whitening Cream for Body, Face, Bikini and Sensitive Area Skin Brightening for Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Mela white Natural Skincare

Since we most effective use all-herbal ingredients, our serum is safe to use on touchy skin. We’ve conducted heaps of checks to make certain that Amaira is scientifically tested to lessen scarring and dark skin pigmentation. Our advanced serum has been rated the quickest-performing serum to be had available on the market nowadays.

This pores and skin bleaching serum are safe and effective for all skin types and colors. Whether you’re the use of Amaira to treat birthmarks, darkish underarms, scars, or maybe to lighten skin in genital areas – you could feel secure and assured making an investment in a product which fits quick, and affords long-lasting consequences.

Instead of harsh and doubtlessly dangerous chemical substances such as hydroquinone, Amaira makes use of Kojic Acid, a safer alternative that is developed from rice and mushrooms. Kojic acid is a pore and skin lightening agent found in many cosmetic merchandisers and is a safe and herbal ingredient which successfully whitens dark skin pigment up to a few shades lighter.

Amaira is likewise the best intimate lightening serum to apply Glycolic Acid. This herbal product minimizes ingrown hairs or blocked hair follicles in sensitive areas where waxing is not unusual.

No harsh chemical
Can be used for all skin sorts
Contains all natural components
Can be used on genital regions of both ladies and men
No perfumes or Parabens
Can be used on sensitive pores and skin
Lighten Your Skin
Intimate Areas

Amaira lightening serum has been highly rated because of the only choice for all-herbal whitening of intimate areas. Both ladies and men have used Amaira for immediate results while anal bleaching, nipple bleaching, and bleaching of different intimate areas with darker skin, inclusive of beneath the hands or among the internal thighs.

It’s herbal for a skin to trade over time, and a few human beings develop brown or red skin discoloration of their extra personal areas because of friction, growing older, or poor hygiene. Most human beings prefer to use a secure and effective product, including Amaira, in those touchy regions – in place of opting for a synthetic product with harsh chemicals which could cause inflammation or pores and skin harm.


Amaira is hydroquinone unfastened and may be used on Inner thighs, Underarms, Vaginal pores, and skin, Anus, Nipples, Scrotum, Penis

Whiten Dark Spots

Many people with skin discolorations use Amaira to restoration unpleasant issues, which include hyper pigmentation, darker underarms, and birthmarks. Blemishes and skin spots arise evidently over the years, and it’s essential to apply an all-natural product to treat those troubles in order now not to motive further damage or scarring from harsh chemical substances.


Amaira is designed to deal with spots which include: Age Spots/Liver Spots, Hyperpigmentation, Dark Underarms, Birthmarks, Melasma

Reduce Scars And More

Scars are not unusual, however, some human beings are self-acutely aware of the advent of scars on their skin. It’s possible to lighten the arrival of cars in order that they mixture evidently into your pores and skin tone using a lightening serum. Whether your scars are from a surgical operation, or a coincidence which broken your skin, you can use Amaira to vanish scars and make the skin around the affected vicinity greater radiant.


Amaira can lessen the arrival of Acne Scars, C-Section/Hysterectomy Scars, Breast Implant Scars, Tummy-Tuck Scars, Burn Scars, Body-Piercing Scars
All Natural & Made In The USA
No Animals Are Harmed On Our Watch!

We accept as true with in locating solutions with out testing merchandise on animals. If you’re the use of Amaira skin products, you may relaxation guarantee that no animals had been harmed during the technique of making our products. Enough stated!

Made and Manufactured in the USA

We are proud to say that every one Amaira merchandise are specifically crafted and bottled within the United States. Our laboratories perform at the very best of standards, and we create all our products in an FDA certified facility to make certain that you will get hold of the safest and most effective skin care products within the marketplace. You can relaxation assured that when you purchase Amaira skin care merchandise you have become the highest excellent from the most reducing part facility
Cutting Edge Facilities & Customer Care
Advanced Formula with Powerful Ingredients
One of the maximum vital elements, The Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Flower, is listed within the pinnacle 50 essential Chinese herbs. It’s verified medicinal homes have made this extract one of the exceptional moisturizing agents within the world.

Equally as vital is the extract from Mulberry Leaf. Its agents had been clinically confirmed to improve pores and skin health, however also slow the manufacturing of tyrosinase (which causes dark pigment) through 50%. Due to its effect, whilst you cast off useless skin cells with exfoliation, the brand new cells which shape are lighter in coloration.

PLEASE NOTE – Natural skin lightening, whilst the method requires a few endurance, it gives a safe and powerful opportunity that provides long-term outcomes.
As you should wait for the newly pigmented cells to increase, there is no overnight solution for lightening your skin. The serum tackles the outdoors hyperpigmentation until the solution works its way deep into the tissue and slows the boom of the enzymes in the middle.

We advise the usage of Amaira Lightening Serum for no less than 6 weeks to look physical outcomes.

Product Support Matters

Helping humans and making them glad is why we were given into this commercial enterprise in the first location. Not best do we goal to please our clients with the aid of changing their lives with our Lightning Serum, but it’s also extremely crucial to supply the client enjoy we would expect if we have been purchasing on line for such touchy functions. At Amaira we remember that our clients have sensitive needs, so we try to provide you with a lot of information about our product so that you are loaded with all of the pre-purchase statistics you may probably need. We are more than happy to help you and assume you deserve the satisfactory!